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Baby party ideas

Ideas for the perfect baby party!

You want to plan a baby party for yourself or a good friend? Like many other ideas, the tradition of the baby party (babyshower) comes from the Americas. Usually all the friends and female relatives (mother, mother-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law) of the mother-to-be meet at her home and celebrate the baby before it is born. Most of the time, the baby party is a surprise party, but you should consider carefully whether the mother-to-be might be happy about a little hint a few days before the planned baby party. And since some (expectant) mothers don't like surprises or have very specific ideas about their baby party, they may want to plan the party themselves. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that either, so maybe you can plan the baby party together.

Baby party planning

How elaborate and to what extent the baby party is planned always depends a little on the preferences and temperament of the mother-to-be. Some love to celebrate in a really big way with everything that goes with it, others are rather stressed or annoyed by a big effort and too much action.

It's best to plan a baby party for the last trimester of pregnancy, when the baby bump is already quite big, but the mother-to-be still has enough energy and mobility for party fun. As a guideline, you should plan around 6-8 weeks before the expected date of birth.

Baby party ideas

Decoration ideas for the baby party!

Here are some classic decoration ideas for your baby party planning. A garland with the baby's name, the words "Welcome Baby", "It's a boy"/"it's a girl" and an ultrasound photo is a MUST at every baby party. Such photo garlands can be bought in many different designs, then text and layout are already predefined and space is left for photos. Alternatively, you can make these garlands yourself with a string and small clothes pegs to which you attach the letters of the lettering (cut out of cardboard). There are no limits to your creativity!

Storks as decorative elements or as part of the garland look just as good as dummies, prams or small baby figures. A nappy cake is a useful gift and at the same time a beautiful decoration idea for the baby party. Baby bottles are also great as decorative elements or as "storage elements" (filled with sweets or nibbles). Of course, you can also save time and effort and buy ready-made decoration sets.

There are also some creative ideas for the food, snacks and location of a baby party. For example, if the weather is nice, you can spend the party outdoors with a picnic. Otherwise, a buffet in the house, flat or garden with finger food is also a good idea, so that no one has to prepare anything in the kitchen during the baby party and the guests can eat standing up. In the afternoon, coffee and cake, a cake, muffins and other snacks will put you in a good mood. The following elements should not be missing from a baby party buffet: a cake with the baby's name or another cute or funny baby decoration, biscuits or gummy bears in the shape of a dummy, of course non-alcoholic sparkling wine for toasting, matching food colouring in pink or blue to give the icing, drinks and cream the finishing touch.

Baby party

If possible, you can ask the father-to-be to give you the key to the flat/house and decorate it in advance.

Game ideas for the baby party!

If you are planning a real baby party, "fun games" are also part of it. At first, this may sound a bit like embarrassment and a child's birthday party, but in most cases it is very funny once you get started. It also lightens the mood and makes for many memorable moments.

In the baby bottle drinking competition, you need as many small feeding bottles as participants, which you fill with water or milk. At a command, all the guests start emptying the bottles. The first person to empty their bottle is the winner.

In the game of guessing the taste of porridge, you prepare some jars of ready-made baby porridge by peeling off the labels in warm water. Then each guest gets a baby spoon and is allowed to taste through the jars. The person who guesses the most varieties wins.

Baby party ideas

A fun idea for the baby party is the baby city-country-river game. For this, you modify the classic city-country-river game. Instead of the familiar categories, there are now categories such as "baby name", "child illness", "children's toys", etc.

As is usual at weddings or other parties, you can also create many beautiful memories at a baby party with fun photos: With masks, beards, glasses, baby accessories etc., every photo becomes a special memory of the baby party. The whole thing prepared in a photo album is the perfect souvenir of the party for mother, child and everyone involved! Another nice idea are guest books, where each guest can leave a few lines for the mother-to-be and the child.

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