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Make photo box yourself

DIY photo box - fun for guests and hosts!

Photos are a real MUST at every party! A photo box DIY is a lot of fun and has often been the secret star of a party. There are photos that will always remind guests and hosts of the wonderful time, the crazy party, the dearest guests and the funniest moments with family and friends. Who doesn't love photos of the groom with a feather boa or Aunt Emma with a cigar and sunglasses? There are enough serious pictures - with the photo box, fun comes into play! And the extra is that the guests take the great photos themselves: without the presence of a photographer, simply out of the perfect party mood.If you feel like a photo box DIY, you are guaranteed to be the hero of the next party crew. Whether it's at weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate parties or graduations, Fotobox DIYs are popular and guarantee great souvenir photos of an unforgettable party experience! Whether with moustaches, hats, handcuffs, feather boas or colourful wigs, with or without a background - it's up to you! Find out more ideas for a photo box DIY from Fotoalben-Discount below.

Photo Box DIY

You want to make a photo box yourself? Here are some tips and ideas!

Releasing and printing or saving - that's all a photo box actually does. That's why the equipment you need for a photo box DIY is quite manageable.

The most important thing for a photo box DIY is, of course, the camera. It should be a reflex camera, but a simple camera is sufficient, and it doesn't have to be the latest model. It is practical to use a so-called inlay instead of a rechargeable battery for the photo box DIY. Then the camera is permanently supplied with power and you don't have to worry about it during the party.

The lens used for your photo box DIY does not need to be the best either. It is sufficient to use a lens with a focal length of 18 to 55 mm for the photo box DIY. Alternatively, you can use a wide-angle lens for the photo booth DIY with a similar focal length. A lens with a fixed focal length also works, but leaves you less room for manoeuvre when setting up your photo box later.

tablet or small tablet computer is suitable for operating the DIY photo box. Here it is crucial that you ensure easy operation with a touchpad.

To set the scene well, you need an external flash or an LED panel. The exposure of the DIY photo box can always be a little brighter. A diffuser goes well with this, because it provides soft light, which is always an advantage when photographing people.

Do it yourself photo box

And to ensure that your DIY photo box lasts the whole evening, it's best to use a multiple socket with USB connections for the power supply. This way, you can ensure that all devices are directly and permanently supplied with power. An extension cable helps if you need to set up the photo box DIY a little further away from the nearest power socket.

If you want your guests to take their souvenir photos home with them, you'll need a photo printer for your photo box DIY. If you want to keep your photo box DIY as simple as possible during the party, you should choose a larger printer that can print at least 400 to 500 pictures at a time without adding paper. These printers are more expensive and take up more space. If you're always near your DIY photo box anyway, you can also choose a smaller and cheaper model and regularly replenish the paper yourself.

Tips on how to design the photo box can be found here!

Of course, you can simply set up the DIY photo box (camera, tablet, etc.) on a table. But it's much cooler if you invest a little work in a stylish, fun or extravagant "home". How about a big (old) wooden box? A tea chest, for example, is a good choice, as it offers plenty of space for the equipment. You can saw out the openings you need for the tablet and the lens. Another idea is to stack several old suitcases in different sizes on top of each other. The inside of the suitcases gives you enough space for your camera, tablet, printer, etc.. Your DIY photo box looks especially beautiful if you make it look like a camera obscura. Hide the technical equipment in a black velvet case and send your guests back to the beginnings of photography.

Design photo box

Interestingly, even the shyest guests often really thaw out in front of a DIY photo box. The little machine is a lot of fun during and after the party. If you have the photos printed out, every guest can take a souvenir of the evening with them. If there is a guest book, you can add the guests' photos to it. Or you can create a photo album with all the photos. A very special memento of very special moments. If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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