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    Labels 105x148 A4 Power labels 100 pcs.
    Labels 105x148 A4 Power labels 100 pcs.
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    Outdoor Labels Must Be Stress-Resistant

    If you want to make your name, message or other label public and easily recognizable to others, it often happens outdoors. For this purpose, the so-called outdoor labels are suitable. The new, better quality of outdoor labels, as they can be found in our online shop on fotoalben-discount.de, meet these demands.

    The public presentation should not only defy wind and water, but also withstand a lot of stress and hectic. This means that the materials on which your message or your name is printed must be strong and durable, yet not attack the materials to which they are glued, sometimes for the first time. It is important that the stickers do not rub off but do not fall off. That means they also have to stick extremely tight.

    Outdoor Labels - Small Power Fields with Significant Impact

    On outdoor labels, you can print anything that matters to you. Fast messages such as prohibitions or instructions, with words or non-verbally in internationally recognized drawing pictures. With their great qualities they are a very important help for many occasions and situations. So you can mark your property, point out facts or warn against you. It is nice that there are many sizes and shapes in our online shop and even different colors. So you can send real warning signals. The outdoor labels are available in white and yellow. This color is increasingly used for information in garages or on commercial vehicles. For example, a yellow warning sign may indicate the danger of someone leaving their car in the garage or otherwise in a closed room. Or the hint on the back of a van: "Keep a distance", is most visibly on a yellow background to advantage.

    Outdoor labels make hints more beautiful

    In the online shop de there are also small and large round stickers. They are particularly concise in everyday life and are sometimes better viewed, since the eye naturally searches the environment for abnormalities. Therefore, the small and large circles are ideally suited to identify on machines their special features and hazards. Also around the labels are available in white or yellow. The surface is durable and resistant to water and abrasion. In addition, they are equipped with a coating that leaves both dirt and oil no chance. For more individual designs, the outdoor labels are also available in A4 and A3 format.

    Outdoor labels: printing made easy

    The all-round safety edge makes it easy to print on the individual outdoor labels. They are suitable for both laser and inkjet printers, as well as for copiers and color copiers. In addition, the manufacturers offer free solutions to the finished print on their websites. It is a comprehensive free software that is suitable for all operating systems, either for Windows or Mac. With the help of a label assistant, you can choose the right one for you from many different templates. The templates each offer plenty of room for individual design.

    Outdoor labels do it all

    With the special outdoor labels made of acetate silk, the term durability becomes even more important. Because these labels not only withstand coarse influences such as water and dirt, but are also resistant to perspiration and grease. Wear it for hours on your blouse or shirt. Marked with your name or your position, the stickers will prove to be a faithful companion in the midst of stress, sweats and hectic movements. Even if the event lets you rotate properly. Your outdoor labels will remain relaxed. Like Buddha. Outdoor labels that honor your name now order at fotoalben-discount.de!