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Kitchen roll holders have not served

Kitchen roll holders know many from grandma's kitchen. Some have also experienced her with Mom. Many considered it unnecessary. After all, the kitchen roll but also by itself. But when it comes to their own home, sooner or later also pulls in the kitchen roll holder. Because at the latest, when children move in, you learn: "With only one hand, the paper does not depend on the role." Since the role is clamped between the chin and shoulder, sometimes between the legs but really good is not synonymous. A kitchen roll holder must therefore urgently ago.

The kitchen roll holder as a savior in case of mishaps

Once not paid attention and already the glass of red wine is spilled. To prevent the damage from increasing, you must act quickly. A handle to the kitchen roll, with the other hand try to prevent the dog from redistributing the red wine. But: The paper just does not dissolve from the roll. Now you either have to let go of the dog, and thus run the risk that the chaos is getting bigger, or they let precious minutes pass until the paper has finally dissolved and you can absorb the red wine. Well, you would have had a kitchen roll holder. Because this can be easily operated with just one hand. With an energetic jerk the sheet dissolves. You have the other hand free to prevent major damage.

The kitchen roll holder protects the roll

The kitchen roll holder protects the paper roll but also from contamination. Because who turns off the kitchen roll stupid, knows the problem, if the surface was not clean. Often, after that, the entire roll can be disposed of, at least if the substrate was not dry. In no time, the role has been fully sucked.

The kitchen roll holder allows you to relax everywhere, without thinking too much, of parking everywhere. The roll is always protected and the kitchen roll holder is quickly cleaned with a damp cloth.

Kitchen roll holder in different designs

Today, a kitchen roll holder does not have to be boring, monochrome, made of wood. In our online shop you will find various designs. The line by Clayre & Eef stands for nostalgia and attention to detail. Thus, the kitchen roll holder, provided with a tap on the head, conjures comfort in a kitchen. It seems almost like in grandma's kitchen. Only that today most modern devices are in the kitchen and the stove no longer needs to be heated with wood.

The kitchen roll holder with heart detail ensures a little romance in the kitchen work. In white, it fits in almost all kitchens without looking cheesy.

The kitchen roll holders sold in our online shop are all made of metal. Unlike those made of wood, they are stable enough not to constantly fall over. In addition, they are so easy to clean without the material swelling when using water. In addition, metal provides good stability.

The perfect place for kitchen roll holders

The kitchen roll holders from our shop can be placed everywhere. Nevertheless, you should think carefully about where it is most needed. Often the storage next to the stove makes sense. Here is always spilled. But keep in mind that the paper can easily ignite. Especially when cooking with gas, you need a safe distance to the kitchen roll holder. But even the heat of a ceramic hob can make paper easier.

But kitchen rolls are also often used near the dining area. Gnster as napkins are these all. For everyday use, therefore, use most simple kitchen rolls. The kitchen roll holder does not go out of fashion. Buy your favorite model in the online shop of

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