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Jewelry for every occasion

Jewelry has always been something that fascinates people. Especially women love to wear jewelry and to round off their outfit perfectly. Meanwhile, however, one finds more and more men who are open to like to wear jewelry. Why not? Finally, there are these ornaments in a variety of variants. For men, above all decorative elements made of stainless steel are in question, while women prefer silver and gold. Men and women are equally enthusiastic about art jewelry. And of course, there is jewelry not only for the body, but also for the apartment. If you are still looking for ornaments for yourself or your home, you should drop by the photo album discount. The online shop shows you great jewelry and numerous storage options for this.

What body jewelry is there?

When talking about body jewelry, it means only elements that are worn directly on the body. Previously, these were used to illustrate its role within society. But nowadays, chains, bracelets, and earrings are more likely to decorate oneself and attract more attention. For many people, some pieces of jewelry also have a special meaning. These include, for example, the engagement or wedding ring, family heirlooms or jewelry given to you by someone close to you.

Jewelry distinguishes between form, function and material. There are necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and anklets. A good example of functional jewelry are belt buckles, jewelry watches and key chains. With regard to the material, there are no limits to diversity. In addition to bronze, gold and silver, platinum and stainless steel are also very popular.

Which jewelry is suitable for what?

There are some occasions when certain jewelry is a must. For example, at religious festivals such as communion and confirmation, it is common practice to give a chain with a cross or a cross pendant. Anyone who makes a request to his partner usually does so with an engagement ring. This is later exchanged for a wedding ring. However, there is not always a need to give jewelry or buy for yourself.

For religious people, the pendant cross is suitable. This shows a cross and Jesus. The metal jewelry is kept in silver and can easily be worn on the chain. The medallion MADONNA is illustrated with a Madonna illustration. Not intended for the neck, but for the wrist is the "bracelet art jewelry B0100135". The many colorful artificial stones go great with a light summer dress. In a similar style is the "bracelet art jewelry B0100444" held. In the middle is a handy clock. The bracelet B0100132 also belongs to the field of art jewelry. With sparkling green stones and flowers, it looks great on every wrist. Turquoise is your favorite color? Then you will blow the bracelet B0100623 by Clayre Eef. The art jewelry is provided with eye-catching stones in a turquoise tone. Especially on tanned skin this looks very nice. Not quite as colorful, but just as beautiful is the bracelet B0100609. The stones of this art jewelry are held in white-grayish tones.

On festive occasions you should not miss the bracelet B0100472. The bracelet from Clayre Eef is decorated with many white pearls and a silver ball. You like it simple with jewelry and prefer to catch your clothes? Jewelry in leather look is discrete and still contributes to the rounding of your outfit. How about, for example, with the bracelet B0100579? The leather look in the form of two belt buckles folded over one another radiate self-confidence and coolness. A pretty similar effect has the bracelet B0100574. Several overlapping ribbons in white and brown are skillfully closed with a knot and remain securely on your wrist. You will find this and other jewelry in the photo album discount.

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