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Instagram sides worth following

Information on Instagram and the best Instagram sides!

Instagram, and with it the first Instagram sides, was published in 2010 and bought by Facebook in 2012 for one billion US dollars. The number of monthly active users of Instagram worldwide is more than one billion. In Germany, Instagram is predominantly used passively. 75% of users are inspired by the content of other users on Instagram, only about 25% of users create their own content for their Instagram page. The Facebook subsidiary is now one of the most successful apps among millennials and many companies dream of an audience of millions and cooperate with influential Instagram sides to reach their followers. Advertising on the app has evolved and for quite a few users, having a presence on Instagram is a full-time job. The so-called influencers give insights into their lives on their Instagram side via pictures or videos and thus inspire the many users who follow them. Since such a mass of people can be reached via the Instagram sides, numerous companies have also become fans of the app. With corresponding marketing activities, they hope to reach their target groups here.

Instagram information

The best Instagram sides worldwide and in Germany!

Among the most popular and best Instagram sides worldwide have been the sides of athletes for years. Hardly any other topic occupies the Instagram community more. The followers love sports. The ranking of the most popular and best Instagram sides in the world is led by Instagram itself. Then come athletes and megastars. Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar are among the Instagram sides with the most followers. Ariana Grande, members of the Kardeshian/Jenner family, Beyonce, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are similarly successful.

Germany also lives up to its name as a football nation on Instagram sides. The majority of successful German Instagram pages come from the football cosmos: Toni Kroos, Mesut Özil, Manuel Neuer, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Mario Götze, Marco Reus and Thomas Müller are the Instagram sides with the most followers. These stars like to thank their fans who follow them on Instagram with a picture after a match or post snapshots from training or their everyday life.

Best Instagram sides

Besides all these Instagram pages of stars and celebrities, there are many sides that do not have so many followers but are still very interesting, entertaining or even educational. Depending on personal preferences, every user finds his or her best Instagram pages with the help of the hashtags. Whether it's nature and beautifully designed gardens, food, fashion, photography, art and painting, architecture, music, dogs, cats or wildlife, whether it's funny content, funny or thoughtful sayings, spirituality, religion, cars, motorbikes, boats or motorhomes, there's bound to be something interesting for everyone. Even whole families who run an Instagram page can be just as entertaining as travellers who present their trips via Instagram and share them with all their followers. The choice is gigantic and so is the variety of photos! Instagram offers a lot of inspiration and a seemingly endless amount of beautiful motifs that are real eye-catchers when printed out and prepared in picture frames or photo albums!

What do hashtags mean for an Instagram side?

In order to develop a successful Instagram side, the motto "a lot helps a lot" also used to apply to the use of #hashtags. Anyone who didn't exhaust the 30 possible hashtags was therefore foregoing reach. In the meantime, this has apparently turned into the opposite. Of course, a general statement that applies equally to all Instagram pages cannot be made. But you should definitely not use as many hashtags as possible, even though they don't really fit. It is better to use a few hashtags that describe the image appropriately. This increases the chance of generating followers who are really interested in the Instagram page.


As convenient as it is to copy the tried and tested hashtag block and use it again and again, it tends to harm the Instagram page. Because for the Instagram algorithm, this looks like automation. Such an automation is punished with a loss of reach. In addition, it can quickly happen that inappropriate terms are adopted. For example, an old year.

And of course it is tempting to use hashtags that are very popular at the moment and are searched for by many users. But if they do not match the content, they should still not be used. Orienting yourself to the interests of the target groups and using the hashtags that appeal to them specifically brings more and, above all, loyal followers. It is also important to regularly check the hashtags used.


Of course, which hashtags work well depends on the topic and the target group. Using large hashtags that really fit the content of the Instagram page makes just as much sense as using small hashtags that appeal to the exact target group.

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