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    Some of you may think of the internet when you hear the word "guestbook". Often this function is entered on various homepages of holiday flats or hotels. If you like, you can leave a few nice lines in the electronic guestbook after your holiday. Really a great idea. Much better, however, is the conventional variant. The scent of fresh paper and unforgettable anecdotes that will make you smile. The touchable guestbook is not out of fashion. Instead, this wonderful album is increasingly being laid out. With this inconspicuous accessory, people reflect on the essential values and that is a good thing. Because one thing can be said at this point, the guest book is an indispensable souvenir of wonderful moments in life.

    We were curious. So we asked around where these wonderful books are laid out and what the guests, friends, acquaintances, tourists or visitors actually leave as a lasting memory. What has been the result? As already mentioned, a guest book is often displayed in a hotel, guesthouse, holiday flat or in restaurants. These works can also be found in public institutions. But also in museums, communities or town halls. In this case special guests of honour sign in. The albums are also used as books of condolence. On this sad occasion condolences are written down.

    The guest book is very popular even in private households. Traditionally it is presented at round birthdays or wedding celebrations. In the beginning the guestbook is generally empty. Some owners of the creative utensil note a short foreword on the first page. The guests are responsible for filling the other pages. Often the question is thrown into the room: "What should I write in?". Already with this concise statement the foundation for a more relaxed atmosphere at a party can be laid. Usually most people write a comment, congratulations, messages or poems in the guestbook. Even smaller drawings occur from time to time. The name and date are always noted at the end. So the reader knows when and by whom the work of art actually originates.

    A guestbook should not shine with absence at any party

    We at Fotoalben Discount think that a guestbook should not shine with absence at any party. Therefore we present very special articles in our online shop. Especially the manufacturer "Goldbuch" is very familiar with this category. Whether the familiar diary, notebook, the Blanco guestbook or wedding guestbook, you can fall back on every category with us.

    Each guestbook has a different layout. Even the number of pages can vary greatly. If you wish, you can choose an article with 40 pages or even order a 204-page copy. If desired, the product can be provided with window punching or embossing. Moreover, you do not have to be satisfied with just one size. In our online shop you will find different widths and heights. As a little extra some books are decorated with fancy applications. The production companies have even come up with some ideas for the material. Depending on the occasion you can choose between a cover made of linen, paper, leather, fabric or art print. For that certain highlight we even offer real leather. Some colour combinations are really colourful. Beige, yellow, orange, turquoise, white or blue, your favourite colour is sure to be there too.

    With us you will find all common formats

    The guest books captivate above all by a high-class processing method and first-class quality. In addition, we carry all common formats at Fotoalben Discount. Usually the delivery time is between 2 to 4 working days. In any case it is worthwhile to have a look at our shop.