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The kitchen towel

Who does not know, this versatile little thing, sometimes cuddly soft, sometimes stiff and first-rate ironed, but always useful and welcome. We are talking about a household object whose purpose is difficult to define and assign clearly: the kitchen towel. This name says it all about the usually quite small and elongated all-rounder, which has proved to be indispensable both in the bathroom and in the guest toilet as well as in the kitchen. This guest towel - kitchen towel usually leads an exciting life. Unlike his "colleagues" the other household items and laundry, a guest towel - kitchen towel "experienced" much more. Since it has just served well in the kitchen and dried many plates, and it is already put back into the washing machine. Barely escaped the tumble dryer or the drying rack, it lands on the ironing board. Because a guest towel or kitchen towel is easy to iron.

Guest towel or kitchen towel or both?

And ironing is not the only opportunity where a guest towel really likes to be there. Due to the handy size, it is best suited to briefly dipped in cold water, to cool as a "cold rag" a forehead, raging behind the bad hangover - headache. Children also like to take a cool and wet guest towel or kitchen towel to bed if they have a fever. After the guest towel or kitchen towel fluffy - warm from the tumble dryer or from the drying rack, but then in a slightly harder condition, was taken, so it was ironed. Either the guest towel or the kitchen towel is now neatly folded together with many others in a stack placed in the linen closet. Or, and this is much more the case, it must immediately start the next shift and is already impatiently expected.

A kitchen towel - as versatile and flexible as you yourself

Whether you use your guest towel or kitchen towel several times a day in the kitchen or whether it should be a copy, which almost never used in a guest bathroom as a decorative eye-catching and eager for visitors is waiting: In our online shop on there is a large selection of classic guest towel kitchen towel. Whether terry, cotton or linen, in heavy quality that is difficult to iron, or in fluffy - soft fabric. Also in terms of color is such a guest towel or a kitchen towel available in many variants. For example, think of the guest towel - kitchen towel, which awaits your visitors in the guest bathroom. For this guest towel or kitchen towel an impressive look is important. It must be perfectly smooth and of course always fresh and still completely unused. Because the kitchen towel is something like the business card of your housekeeping.

Guest Towel - Kitchen Towel for the Home Sweet Home

Are you a romantic guy who prefers to decorate his home with exuberant accessories on every corner? Then you will love the floral pattern on a guest towel - kitchen towel. In our online shop on there are many designs, with large and small flowers and flowers. Also cute figures in delicate pink shades can be found on the guest towel - kitchen towel. Or choose a very elegant design, for example a guest towel printed with lavender bouquets or with noble pheasants. Take your time and pick your very own favorite collection. This is best done from home. Since you have the same ambience in mind and is not distracted by the many impressions that only rush on a real shopping tour. At you can order safely, quickly and easily your guest towel and kitchen towel. Without any annoying search for parking spaces and the rummages of the shops for the most beautiful piece. Order now in our online shop.

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