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    Always the right gift: buy Globus

    What would you be if you had never learned what countries there are in the world and what the earth actually looks like? That's why we recommend buying a globe for yourself, your loved ones and even for your business partner. By looking at a globe decoration, you will awaken memories of beautiful holidays, get a desire for new travel destinations and can haptically show where which country is located. We at Fotoalben-Discount offer various globes in our online shop.

    What is a globe?

    Globes are available in different sizes, shapes and designs. Depending on the size, a globe is called a mini globe, table globe, standing globe, large globe or giant globe. The materials used are paper, copper or plastic. The map image also differs from that of a globe. There are globes with political maps, physical maps or individual thematic maps, as often found in a child's globe, and modern globes often also offer the possibility of illumination, which is therefore called a luminous globe.

    Buy Globus: Product variety in the online shop

    You want to buy a globe - either for yourself or as a gift. However, the selection is often so large that it is easy to lose sight of the models and their features as well as price. In the past, making a globe was a time-consuming activity and the product was only available to wealthy citizens. The material of the map was individually hand-painted or engraved. Even after the advent of printing processes, paper webs still had to be laminated by hand. Today, the manufacturing process is largely automated and a globe can be obtained relatively cheaply.

    To make it easier for you, we present our offered specimens in terms of material, accessories and more. The following overview should help you find the perfect globe for the respective target group. Basically, you can buy a globe from us and we have something for every taste and age group in our range.

    Buy Globe: classic

    The base of the classic globe is made of plastic, the globe of a paper mixture. The diameter can be between 10 and 50 cm, and the light weight is particularly striking. This type of globe is particularly suitable for personal use - whether with children, for the office or for inserting pins for the next travel destination.

    Buy Globe: illuminated

    An absolute highlight among the globes is the "illuminated globe". because in addition to the classic division into land (borders) and water, cartographic highlights such as mountains or rivers are also drawn in here. The special thing about it: one of the two maps is directly visible, the second appears when the light is on. Globes with integrated lighting are particularly popular with children, as they can also be used as night lighting in the children's room.

    Mapping the world is initially a novelty for the little ones and raises many questions: Why is the globe spherical? Which country is the opposite of Germany? Why is the North Pole white? It is especially practical when parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles are there to answer the children's questions and explain connections. This way, the child learns how our earth is structured, to stand up and can quickly go on a journey of discovery.

    Overall, this model has a higher-quality finish, as it is above all an eye-catcher in your own four walls. For this reason, it is not uncommon to find a solid base here, which gives it more stability and thus leads to somewhat more weight.

    Buy Globe: Vintage

    Deco fans are particularly fond of special pieces like our Deco Globe. So when a globe is up for sale as a decorative element, it also has to be special. So why not combine the comforts of a modern globe with a vintage globe and acquire the perfect product for creative people?

    Buy Globe: Special Form

    Not all globes are the same. We offer you clever ideas that are ideal for giving as gifts in business circles, for example. Our favourite here are the globe-shaped bookends that keep your shelves in order and protect your books from tipping over.

    Buy Globe - Strengthen general knowledge

    Globes have been proven to strengthen the general education of young and old and at the same time support the development of spatial imagination. In short: a globe is practically a replica of the earth. In contrast to maps, this shows above all the accuracy of angles as well as length and area at the same time. Earth globes are either physical, topographical or thematic. The axis of the globe is usually inclined by about 23.5° like our earth's axis. Buying a globe is therefore worthwhile for everyone.

    Buy Globe as a gift

    Hardly any other gift is as exciting and fascinating as a globe. Faraway countries, mountains, seas, deserts: with a globe, the world comes to you. Whether for a child in kindergarten or at school, for a travel-loving acquaintance or the nice colleague - a world map is fun and inspiring.

    There is a suitable globe for every age group. In general, there are globes to choose from: Globes that reproduce the map of the earth in a highly simplified way and are accompanied by colourful pictures of animals, places or how, globes that contain more details and often have two different cartographic images. Whether for Christmas, a birthday or a first day at school, if you are looking for a gift that will bring long-term joy to the recipient and at the same time support their development, you should buy a globe.