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    Simple yet beautiful: glass frames

    Wonderful moments in particular are crying out to be captured. On the one hand, this happens through the mind and our emotional memory. But with so much information coming at us from everywhere these days, many an exciting moment can be forgotten. To prevent this from happening, celebrations, anniversaries, summer holidays, moments on cold winter days as well as romantic and action-packed situations should be captured on a photo. With a glass frame, such a photo is safely protected. Stored behind solid glass, neither dust nor dirt can penetrate to the photo. And by the way, a picture behind a glass frame also looks great. Discover the differences between glass frames. The online shop of Fotoalben-Discount has some surprising variations ready for you.

    Let the imagination run wild

    A glass frame has an enormously enhancing function. Pictures from your last summer holiday look just as good in it as photos from your own wedding. The possible uses are very diverse. This is mainly due to the large selection that can be found in the area of glass frames. Round, oval, square, rectangular or heart-shaped - depending on the format chosen, the picture frame conveys a different message. A heart-shaped photo frame, for example, looks very romantic and playful, while a rectangular frame is well suited for portrait photos. In addition to the shapes mentioned, there are many other variations. A large and distinctive selection is available in the online shop of Fotoalben-Discount.

    When looking for a suitable picture frame, keep your eyes open. A good glass picture frame cannot be found immediately. First of all, the dimensions of the frame and the photo should match. You should also ask yourself what mood you want to evoke with this combination. Does the picture seem cheerful? Will it create a romantic or even sad atmosphere? Then choose the matching glass frame. For a photo that you associate with an unpleasant memory, you should refrain from embellishments and decorations. Keep the glass picture frame simple and transparent. A joyful event can be placed in a frame that radiates lightness, perhaps even playfulness. Let your creativity run free and become an artist yourself when choosing the frame!

    Glass frames in a wide selection

    The choice of glass frames is immense. Why settle for a simple picture frame when you can also go extravagant? A good example of this is the Kada photo frame. With its curved metal strips on the sides, even simple pictures look very special. Things get romantic with the Deknudt glass frame. Each 13x18 cm photo is emblazoned between two silver hearts that radiate pure love when you look at them. Even more eye-catching is the Lola model, which promises "Love" in broad lettering and underlines this with several small and one large heart. Not necessarily romantic, but no less beautiful for that, is the Conny glass frame. The 10x15 cm photo that finds a place in it is accompanied by several butterflies and dandelions. These give the frame a great lightness. The SARAH glass photo frame is just as cheerful. Floral appliqués and a silver inner strip ensure that you immediately fall in love with the frame. The Lea gallery frame stands out less with its applications, but with its interesting shape. The photo frame with stand offers space for two pictures in the format 7.5 x 7.5 cm. To insert the pictures, simply push them into the frame from above.

    If you want to display or hang several photos at once, it is best to opt for a gallery frame. The CASSOPEA 7Q glass frame can hold up to 7 pictures in different formats. With its simple design, there is plenty of scope to be creative with the photos. Definitely an eye-catcher is the Collete portrait frame in violet. The square-cut, iridescent stones glitter and sparkle with the photo.