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Eye-catcher: The gallery frames

What do you do first, who you enter you still unfamiliar apartment of a friend or colleague? Based on appearances, you focus on the opposite. Secretly, however, you will completely look as inconspicuous as possible automatically in the foreign environment. So it is the people has always been in the blood. So it looks with the pause, when attention is excited by something. An eye-catcher, for example, be a stylish gallery frame in a strange apartment, which draws attention to the guests.

Gallery frame for a beautiful home

As long as a person lives in a landscaped environment, it will show an obvious effort to make his home expressive. These include, among a suitable furnishing. Equally relevant, however, the many small details that will only be the completion. This include picture frames, in particular gallery frame meant. Finally gallery frame not only serve as a good-looking placeholder at bare walls. No. Gallery frames are also the carriers of stunning landscapes or beautiful family photos. Of course, other figurative retained memories can be accommodated in them. In any case, make gallery frame is a help to make the private realm an essential piece cozier.

Most gallery frame can be removed with Passepartout be used as a simple rectangular frame. The suspension is possible in the standard for both portrait and landscape formats. Thus, can be used both for vertical shooting as well as for horizontal shooting some picture frames.

Gallery frame with plenty of room for your photos

Gallery frames multiframe. Your version exists in different screen numbers. Would you include about a larger number of images in different formats, frame to recommend a Slat system than inside. Because such a system allows you a flexible insertion of photos. Such ease of use can be pulled with a stamp album for comparison.

Of course, still gallery frame further inserting systems are for sale to the picture frame market. Increasingly popular multi-frame, the gallery frames in Shabby-Style. In contrast to the multi-disk system, they are composed of several individual frames. However, they offer enough space for multiple photos. In addition, they enable Coming to bringing the photos in portrait and in landscape mode. This spreads for the opportunity of experimenting when fitting with the images. Your best memories you have then always have in any case. And if you still think after a long time, for the sake of variety to a refresher - then you can exchange at any time, the older images to Recent. Or just play a bit with the photos already used and bring them into a new composition back in the picture frame under. In this way you will not pass on gallery frame joy.

Gallery frame according to your wishes

Gallery frames are available in various shapes and designs. Classic is the elongated format. Frequently it communicates to caddy with an extra oblique cut mat, which provides space for more images. Similarly, multi-frame delight for different photo formats popular. It is similar to the multi-frame for wedding photos. They are not only suitable for up to more than 20 photos, but have moreover, for example, about the inscription Love. Want or can you not gallery frame hanging on the wall, which is also not a problem. Finally, our range has a variety of multi-frame - also on copies that are produced in a deployable version.

If you can not get enough of your standing or hanging gallery frame, even Photo Trays or photo watches are certainly a suitable environment for your accessory. The photo trays are suitable depending on the variation of four or more images. But even with photo-watches you have enough space for your photos. So you can let your creativity run wild. And along the way you get another eye-catcher for your home. Of course, you not only get a wide range of gallery frame with us. The said photo-watches and Photo Trays are available in our store at

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