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EnerGel - What is that?

EnerGel is a special form of ballpoint pen. He uses an aqueous gel instead of the pen's oily paste. The flow of ink is five to ten times that of a ballpoint pen. This creates a light, sliding typeface when writing with EnerGel. The great advantage of gels is that it produces opaque strokes on both light and dark paper. These features make EnerGel a grandiose writing instrument that combines the lightness of a pen and the sophisticated writing beauty of the pen. Whether in the school, at home, in the university, at work or in between times in the bag - EnerGel is versatile and should not be missing in any household.

EnerGel the perfect companion for every occasion

In our online shop you will find a large selection of EnerGel. One of our favorites is the blue EnerGel Xm with 0.35mm line width. It has extra soft, quick-drying liquid gel ink and a rubberized comfort grip zone make it comfortable to hold in your hand. Similar to this you will find the Liquid Gel Roller EnerGel in purple, which has a line width of 0.5mm. The same model is available in black and red. A particularly noble Gelroller is the Gelroller Tradio in sandfarben. He has 0.35mm line width and black ink. Its elegant design, with a housing made of natural surface, make it a real eye-catcher. The model Tradio is also available in the bright spring colors red, yellow, blue and green. Its housing is gummed all over, which contributes to a pleasant feel. For gentlemen, we offer EnerGel Tradio in the muted, simple-chic tones of earthy colors and stone colors. Our highest quality piece is EnerGel Sterling. A classic, silver case makes it a real eye-catcher on every desk. Through its elaborate form completion, EnerGel Sterling is also perfect for left-handers. You will find the right replacement refills for all of our gel rollers in our online shop. These are available in all colors, so you are prepared for any occasion.

Different uses for EnerGel

Due to the special ink texture, our EnerGels are particularly suitable for the creation of photo albums and posters. Label your holiday pictures, so you never forget in which year was the last Italy holiday. Write in your photo album funny sayings that connect you to a photo, the place, the weather, what else happened that day? Your imagination knows no bounds to create an unforgettable photo album with EnerGel that you still like to show your children and grandchildren in many years. Since EnerGel is visible on both light and dark and colored surfaces, it is ideal for creating posters. This may be a poster that is to be made for group work in the school or university. A poster to clarify complicated issues in the profession or one that is designed for a good friend, the neighbors or an excerpt. With our different line weights and colors, you can create a unique poster by designing the headline and key words such as the name of the recipient with thicker lines and brighter color than the rest. Include in your poster also pictures that you label with EnerGel or funny paint, how to conjure a beard and glasses in the face of your best friend.

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