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DVD - CD labels: No, not oldschool!

In times when MP3's dominate the market, do not you need DVD-CD labels? Oh but. Not all devices play MP3. In addition, memory cards are often susceptible to damage and destruction. A strong magnetic field nearby, they are already suffering. Including your data or music. Therefore, you should always burn important things on CD or DVD. With our DVD-CD labels, the data carriers can be labeled quickly, individually and simply. Not oldschool. Personally!

DVD - CD labels: Have not burned a CD for a long time? Become romantic!

DVD - CD labels can be individually labeled and designed. How about a self-made CD with the most beautiful pictures of a romantic holiday? With it you also secure it from loss. Because storage only on the hard disk, whether external or not, always carries the risk that it will be destroyed. A virus and the pictures are gone. Save it better on a DVD or CD. You can then label the DVD CD labels individually. If you have a color printer, you can print them with the most beautiful picture of the journey. So the DVD or CD is worth a look.

DVD - CD - Labels: Ideal for data backup

To ensure your professional or personal data, a copy on CD or DVD is ideal. Especially if you work a lot with the PC, so much data comes together, which makes the computer slower and slower. Burn old projects onto a CD or DVD. These can be labeled with your printer thanks to our DVD-CD labels and are guaranteed to be back later.

DVD - CD - Labels: On to the printer, get set, go!

When choosing suitable DVD - CD labels, you should be aware of which printer you have. Not all DVD - CD labels are suitable for every printer. But we are guaranteed to have the right labels for your printer in our online shop. Only use DVD-CD labels that are suitable for your laser printer. As well as for the inkjet printer.

DVD - CD Labels: Downloading and Designing Software

Using our DVD - CD labels is easy. Download the manufacturer's software and you're ready to start designing and labeling. Quickly printed and you can attach the DVD - CD labels. Make sure that the paper does not wrinkle. That like neither calculator nor CD / DVD player.

DVD - CD - Labels: In our online shop you will find everything that fits

Do not have a printer? No problem. Order our self-adhesive letters and numbers. With this you can label each CD and DVD easily. For safekeeping, we also keep some boxes. So the DVD - CD labels are well protected.

DVD - CD - Labels: We can also be nostalgic

If you are older than 30, then you also know video cassettes. There are films that we have watched again and again. That's why most of them have hidden a video recorder somewhere. Above all, self-recorded films would like to see you again and again. You do not even have to digitize these. But you should label the video cassette. We still have videocassette labels in our online store.

We glue you one. Or several. Of course only labels. DVD - CD labels, video labels or even CD / DVD cases. In our shop you will find everything you need. Order now at!

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