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DIY Ideas for accessories

Make your own accessories - jewellery creations from your own workshop!

What could be better than making your own individual jewellery? Whether as a gift or for yourself - the prerequisites for DIY accessories are a bit of creativity, a little craftsmanship and fun trying things out.

Accessoires DIY

If you want to do it yourself and only have a few ideas so far, you should ask yourself a few basic questions beforehand. How do you manage to express your own personal style with the homemade accessory DIY? What exactly do you want to make? Necklaces and bracelets are suitable for beginners, while rings and earrings are something that requires a bit of experience.

Apart from the shape of the jewellery, the material plays a very important role. For example, if you want to work with metal, you need different tools than if you want to work with wood. In any case, you should give some thought to what you particularly like. This will give you the greatest motivation to keep going with your DIY plans for accessories.

There are special tools for every craft. Nevertheless, there are a few basics that are essential to get started. If you want to make your own accessories, or perhaps even try your hand at home accessories, there are fortunately almost every type of equipment available for purchase on the internet.


If you want to make sure that you don't lack the right tools and materials right from the start, you should opt for a starter set. It contains all the important utensils that are necessary for the first steps. You can usually find suitable instructions on the internet. In a very creative way, tutorials show how you can best realise your dream of making your own jewellery.

Even with special skills and many creative ideas, it is usually difficult to put complex ideas directly into practice. If you want to put the finishing touches on your skills, you can opt for support in a course. This gives you the chance to learn all the important techniques, tips and tricks for making your DIY accessories with other DIY fans. This way you can be sure that you really achieve the desired results - your personal accessory DIY. Even with professional support, it's still your homemade accessory! It is your ideas and your skills that have created your dream piece of jewellery. We at Fotoalben-Discount share with you some creative ideas on how to make your own accessories.

Make your own accessories

DIY accessories - ideas for unusual home textiles!

Today, individual home textiles are a very special eye-catcher in every home! DIY accessories for your own four walls or as gifts. For example, you can print or embroider your own cushion covers or sew them from fabrics you have dyed yourself. Knitting and crochet are also classics that are always modern and fun. But not only cushions, other home textiles can also become DIY accessories: Curtains, tablecloths, lamps, shelves and tables enhance every interior as individual pieces! There are also many DIY ideas for accessories in the garden and on the terrace. As extravagant "containers" for your plants, you can give old pots or buckets, wooden chairs or wheelbarrows a modern look with creative ideas. The techniques for DIY accessories couldn't be more different: The more delicate techniques, such as painting or working with needle and thread, but also robust accessories DIY work with saws, drills and hammers and nails are a lot of fun. Another special feature of all self-made things is that you can easily personalise many of them. This makes each individual item the perfect gift!

Make your own accessories - upcycling is the new trend!

When clearing out cellars, storage rooms and attics, one usually comes across old pieces of furniture and decorative objects that are much too good to throw away. However, since they no longer match the current furniture, they are often threatened with the end in the bulky waste.

Do it Yourself

Upcycling is an alternative! DIY accessories - create new ones from old furniture. With creative DIY ideas, paint and other materials, you can quickly create something new that suits you perfectly. To your current furnishing style and your decorative mood. You create a unique piece and support sustainability by reusing old objects, thus doing good for our environment. And you save money because you don't have to buy anything new. There are no limits to your creativity. Besides furniture, old books, car tyres, records, atlases, the good old illuminated globe, old textile materials such as sails and linen blankets are also good starting materials for making your own accessories. New is not always better! If you have any further questions about how you can best make your own accessories, please contact us.


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