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Crafting Personal Gifts for Confirmation

Are you looking for a personal confirmation gift with sentimental value??

Confirmation is still an important day for adolescents today. The solemn blessing service, in which young people profess their Christian faith, not only means acceptance into the Christian community, but is also generally a milestone on the path of growing up. The service is often followed by a celebration with family and friends. It is clear that parents and godparents would like to present a very special confirmation gift for this special occasion. And some people don't just want to give an envelope with banknotes, but something that is not only useful, but also has a lasting memory value for the confirmand. It is definitely a special day in one's life and if one receives a special confirmation gift, these memories will always remain linked to this gift.

Confirmation gift with sentimental value

Creative ideas if you want to make a confirmation gift!

In principle, a confirmation gift is a good choice, as it is often difficult to meet the taste of a 14-year-old teenager with a confirmation gift. But it is also a bit unimaginative and boring to give a simple envelope with banknotes. The confirmand will certainly be very happy about the money because he/she can fulfil his/her own wish, but a creative and loving packaging will definitely enhance the confirmation gift. There are plenty of ideas for special packaging for monetary gifts. Here are a few suggestions if you would like to make a confirmation gift. The simplest variant is the specially designed envelope for the confirmation. An envelope that is beautifully designed shows the appreciation of the giver. Popular motifs and symbols are the religious fish motif, a heart, a dove, small angels and of course a cross. With these motifs, even simple envelopes can be turned into small works of art, depending on personal taste and skills. Gluing on cut-out motifs to create a 3D effect, lettering texts, painted or stamped motifs, envelopes decorated with fine wire or pearls and of course individualised envelopes, i.e. with the name of the confirmand, make the money gift an eye-catcher and thus a pretty individual confirmation gift.

Confirmation gift

Another simple packaging idea for a money confirmation gift is a self-designed box. Similar to the suggestions for the envelopes, there are no limits to your imagination. Creativity is called for again. Another advantage of packaging the money in a small box is that you can include a small lucky charm, e.g. a small angel or a small heart, as a personal addition. Perhaps even individualised with a name and/or confirmation date.

A confirmation gift of a special kind!

If the parents or godparents are looking for a particularly personal confirmation gift, then a self-designed photo book is a great idea.

A photo book from the day of your confirmation is the ideal memento of this special occasion. It brings back all the beautiful memories of this special day and the joy felt every time you look at it. For this purpose, the best shots and the most successful snapshots are compiled in a book and possibly supplemented with some personal texts.

The young main characters of the day are often completely overwhelmed by the many impressions, events and guests around them during the celebration and can often hardly remember the details of the festive day later. Therefore, give your child or godchild a treat and create a high-quality photo book documenting the entire day. If permitted, include photos from the service and definitely photos taken after the service. The confirmand alone, with the other confirmands, with the family, godparents and friends who are present on this special day. And the celebration afterwards also offers many motifs for group photos, snapshots and special snapshots that make this confirmation gift something very special.


A photo book is a confirmation gift that the confirmand can only hold in his/her hands after confirmation, but this photo book will accompany the main person of this special day for the rest of his/her life.

Conversely, a photo book is of course also a welcome and very personal idea as a confirmation gift. Photos of special moments that you have experienced with your own child or godchild, quasi a journey through time in the form of a photo book. Depending on your personal taste, a photo book can be limited to special events (e.g. the christening, the first day of school, special trips with the family) or show photos of every birthday, every holiday or even every Christmas as a kind of time travel documentation. Here, too, there are no limits to your imagination and personal preferences.

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