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Chic decorations by the Dutch company Clayre & Eef

Thanks to the products by Clayre & Eef, every room in your own home can be given a homelike ambience and thus embellished. Because in the assortment of the company one finds the most different decorations and home accessories, which were designed mostly nostalgic or playful. For example, they are an ideal match for the popular country house style. However, the products of Clayre & Eef are also very well suited for the shabby or vintage look.

The Dutch family business Clayre & Eef

The Dutch company Clayre & Eef originated from the wholesale business "Van Cleef", which was taken over in 1994 by two brothers. In advance, the parents of the two had run the company. In 2005, the family business was finally renamed Clayre & Eef. This name is made up of the names of the two children.

Over the years, more and more family members and friends and acquaintances have joined the operation. Today, Clayre & Eef is a Dutch wholesaler employing more than 100 people.

Discover the extensive range of Clayre & Eef

There are already more than 10,000 articles by Clayre & Eef, which are divided into various categories. So there are many different decorative items, including calendars, lamps and floor mats. But Clayre & Eef also has clothes and jewelry. There are a variety of fragrances and accessories available.

Particularly striking are the design of all Clayre & Eef products. The company is known for its nostalgic design. This has its origin in the Limburg village Haelen, which lies in the Netherlands. So, the people who draw the designs by hand in the headquarters are inspired by the rural environment.

The Clayre & Eef articles create a homely ambience

With the help of the Clayre & Eef decoration products, you can finally create a beautiful living environment in which one can feel good and relax. The decorations are particularly suitable for the vintage look, the country style or the shabby look. So there are chic nostalgic decorations that give the home a very special flair.

But also playful articles can be found at Clayre & Eef. These set beautiful accents and make your own four walls look much more homely. You can design every room with a variety of furniture and decorations by Clayre & Eef. For example, the bedding for the bedroom, the floor mats and the decorative bottles as a vase for the kitchen.

However, at Clayre & Eef you can not only find interior decorations, because there are also numerous accessories for the garden, such as chic garden plugs or elegant plant holders. At the same time also articles for the pet supplies are offered. Because here you can buy among other things bird cribs, feeding bowls and dog beds. Also available are various items for the office room. These include, for example, nostalgic notebooks, chic magnets or original bookends.

All of these items can also be great gift ideas. So you can give friends or family members a little joy for a special occasion. But even in between the products of Clayre & Eef are very good to show how grateful you are or how much you like one. To wrap up, Clayre & Eef finally offers various gift wrappings, handicrafts and ribbons, through which you can pack the gifts nicely and thus give away as well. Among other things, spring and Christmas ribbons are also available here, through which you can decorate your presents to suit the occasion.

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