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    Clayre & Eef is a young label from the Netherlands. The brand has always dedicated itself to the production of country-style design products. It was founded by two brothers who followed the example of their parents and entered the wholesale of home textiles. Their then sales were under the name "van Cleef". Only in 2005 was the change of the company name. Now the names of their two children were linked. The resulting brand name represents the label until today. The trademark value for a very appealing design has also been preserved. The photo frames of Clayre & Eef tower above their high-quality look in country house style. In addition, the baroque photo frames by Clayre & Eef are a real eye-catcher. With their elaborate applications they give your most beautiful photos the finishing touch. Photo frames by Clayre & Eef are often a timeless eye-catcher. Likewise, the photo frames by Clayre & Eef are an exact fit in terms of furnishing with extravagant design.

    Photo frame by Clayre & Eef to give away

    Photo frame by Clayre & Eef are becoming more and more popular. But why should one keep the favor secretly and quietly for itself? It is better to share the joy of photo frames from Clayre & Eef with others. The best way to do that is to give away one or the other photo frame from Clayre & Eef. Your grandparents will be delighted to receive such a Christmas present. Her mother is just as happy on her birthday over a baroque photo frame by Clayre & Eef. And maybe you also know work colleagues or friends with an appropriate design taste? With a high probability these are also enthusiastic about such a furnishing object.- The next gifts occasions would have been saved with a photo frame of Clayre & Eef so before.

    Photo frame by Clayre & Eef in country style

    Photo frame by Clayre & Eef have become very well-known furnishings. With their special and rare design, they are perfect for interaction with other accessories of the label. Of course, this is the joy of country style and its forms a prerequisite. With her, however, the passion for the entire brand gets a chance. Supporting in this regard are also the large number of picture frames, which appear every year new on the market. This is an eternal trend your institution is given.

    Photo frame by Clayre & Eef as furnishing location

    Whether metal, wood, iron, textile or poly resin. And whether black, white or colorful - the photo frames from Clayre & Eef can be so versatile. They all have a special commonality. With them you can set extraordinary accents. Likewise, the creation of a unique collage is possible. This can be due to picture frames, which can be combined with other frames. Frames for non-standard photo formats can be purchased here in our online shop. We offer about picture frames for photos of a size of 9 x 14 cm. That is not a standard measure in the case. But we keep the prices for this extra production in the applicable budget. So you can also accommodate smaller images in a baroque stylized photo frame by Clayre & Eef. It is not absolutely necessary to fill such jewelry with developed or printed images. After all, most picture frames are already in their possession of a visually stimulating insert. Thus, the photo frame of Clayre & Eef are synonymous without picture-taking a real eye-catcher. To enrich your facility with them, all you need is an acquisition. Here with us that is no problem. Fotoalben-discount.de offers a large selection of photo frames from Clayre & Eef. Certainly the right thing for you is there. Just take a look around. Be sure. And make an order that you are guaranteed not to regret.