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    Photo album classic with embossing

    Since the advent of digital photography in many households, the desire of those who want to archive selected photos in an album has been steadily increasing. Certainly digital photography has some advantages over analogue photography. However, one disadvantage is that a photo that is only on the computer could be accidentally deleted. To prevent this from happening, it makes sense to archive digital photos as well. This works especially well with a photo album Classic with embossing. In the photo album discount you will find a great selection in this area. Each photo album Classic with embossing impresses with its high-quality workmanship. In addition, all photo albums are very practical and made to preserve beautiful memories for many years.

    Even digital photographs can be stored in style

    Anyone who enjoys photography is faced with the challenge of how to bring order and a sensible sequence into their shots. While one person sorts his photos according to the date they were taken, the other is more comfortable with sorting by subject. There are practical accessories for both variants: the photo album Classic with embossing. A classic photo album in this category is characterised by the fact that it offers space for a wide variety of photos. Depending on the dimensions of the embossed photo album Classic, larger photos can be glued or inserted in addition to the standard 10x15 cm size.

    Apart from the height and width of the embossed photo album Classic, there is another thing you should pay attention to: the number of pages. After all, it is the number of pages that determines how many photos will fit into the embossed photo album Classic. If you only have a few photos, a classic photo album with 50 pages is perfectly adequate. You can then create a separate album for each theme, such as a summer holiday, an anniversary or other celebration. But also the accommodation of several photos is no problem in a photo album Classic with embossing from the photo album discount. Decide on variants that have up to 100 sides. If the photo album is large enough, there is room for several photos on each side.

    Various design options

    Whichever Classic embossed photo album you choose, it is entirely up to you how you want to design it. Because even if photo albums are primarily designed for photos, you can still let your creativity play. Did you take a dried flower with you from your last holiday? Have you kept the invitation card for your wedding? Do you treasure your child's birth bracelet like the apple of your eye? All this and more can also be found in the classic embossed photo album. Typical for every embossed photo album Classic with embossing is not only that it meets the highest quality standards. Its unmistakable, classic and timeless design also eliminates any risk of confusion. You can't go wrong with a classic photo album - whether you want to buy it for yourself or give it away as a gift. Enjoy a high degree of design freedom, for example with the Jumbo Photo Album Standard PROMO 30x30 cm. This is available either in black, blue, red or green. Each album consists of a vinyl cover and gets an unmistakable character through the gold embossing on the edge. The Birmingham photo album has the same dimensions. If you want more space for your photos, you can also get this photo album Classic with embossing in the dimensions 33x35 cm. You can also choose between four different colours. On a total of 100 pages there is plenty of space for your dreams, memories and moving moments. Just as much space is available for the photo album PROMO Das Schicke Dicke. If you can manage with fewer pages, the Henzo photo album Basicline is the better choice. With this you simply decide for yourself, based on the desired dimensions, whether your photo album Classic with embossing has 50, 60, 70 or 80 pages.