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Taking perfect photos

What is a perfect photo?

Is there such a thing as the perfect photo? What makes a perfect photo? In photography, it is important that in a beautiful family photo family photo, ideally all family members are laughing happily the camera and look good. But is that already the "perfect photo"? It is much more authentic when the viewer sees much more. sees much more. A photo that not only shows everyone from their best side, the chocolate side, but tells a whole story. story. In nature photography, most photos of sunrises and sunsets are beautiful sunrises and sunsets are beautiful and appealing. But do they therefore perfect photos? Pictures have their own language. It is not not only what can be seen in the picture, but also what is The hidden message of a picture also reveals a lot to the viewer. a lot. Every photo is only as good as it inspires and excites the viewer. It it should arouse curiosity, maybe it can be instructive, it can be touching or simply fun.

the perfect photo

Here you will find tips on how to take perfect photos with your smartphone! with your smartphone!

Smartphone cameras are now a true technological technological marvel. And since almost everyone has their smartphone smartphone always and everywhere at hand, many photos are taken, which are also often presented in the social media. What should you pay attention to, so that you can take perfect photos?

Whether the pristine sandy beach or the the breathtaking mountains - nature offers an abundance of of motifs for the perfect photo. For particularly atmospheric it is important to use the soft morning or evening light. evening light. The mood and colours of the pictures, which is also important for portraits and close-ups, are not only enhanced by evening light but also evening light is not only better, but also more harmonious, as the light comes comes directly from the front.

Perfect photo landscape

An important aspect for the perfect photo is the use of different perspectives. of different perspectives. Many photos are taken from the from the same position: With the subject at eye level and photographed straight ahead. However, the picture is much more interesting and much more likely to be a perfect photo if it is taken from an unusual perspective. shot from an unusual perspective. E.g. from below upwards, with the the sky, a lamp or an unusual ceiling in the background. in the background. Equally interesting can be the perspective from top to down, for example from a roof terrace or a staircase. from.

The play with shadows also provides beautiful motifs. The There are no limits to your imagination. Pinterest and Instagram provide all kinds of inspiration.

To get the best lighting conditions for your perfect photo, you should Ideally, you should shoot in natural light. Artificial light is often difficult, because it usually falls from above and from above, creating unattractive shadows, which are particularly unflattering on the face. It is better to avoid yellow light yellow light, as it seldom shows the objects to their objects to their best advantage. The same applies to flash photography: there is a danger of There is a danger of overexposing the pictures. It does not matter whether you take photos with a smartphone or with professional equipment. with professional equipment. In addition, when taking the red-eye problem often occurs with flash photography, which can ruin the perfect photo can be ruined.

The perfect photo also for the profile picture?

The profile picture says more about a person than many people realise. What detail has been chosen? What clothes is the person wearing? How does the person present themselves? Is he or she smiling or is he or she trying to with a special pose? Our profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing or even on Instagram or WhatsApp tells a lot about us. To make sure your profile picture We have a few tips for you so that your profile picture achieves the best effects:

Which detail did you choose? Does the photo show you in full or only a narrow section? Maybe just your best side? Think carefully about the effect you want to achieve with your perfect profile photo. with your perfect profile photo.

Perfect profile picture

What angle does your profile picture show you at? A straight frontal shot looks somewhat static, but also stable. With an oblique angle increases the dynamics, but also the playfulness. playfulness. Rising from the bottom left to the top right is always better than better than descending.

Is your perfect photo self-made, a selfie, from a friend or a professional? or a professional? What background or filter did you choose? Do you show yourself natural or styled? Does your profile picture show you in a group or alone? All these details add up to the the overall picture, the perfect photo you want to show of yourself. Each picture says much more about you than you might think at first glance. think.

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