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Photo poses

Beautiful photo poses for the perfect picture of you!

Everyone knows it! You are looking at photos from your last holiday, from the last big birthday party with family and many friends or maybe shots from a professional photo shoot at a photographer's: there are photos where you look better than on others. This may be due to your shape on the day, the light or your outfit, but probably also to the fact that you were not photographed in the right, perfect photo pose for you. Everybody knows these snapshots, which really make even the most beautiful person look unfavourable. Of course, not everyone has to look perfect, but it certainly doesn't hurt if the pose is the right one at the next photo opportunity!

In general, posing in front of the camera can cause a queasy feeling. Especially if you are not sure which photo poses to take and which beautiful photo poses suit you best. Even professional photographers usually answer the question of what they consider to be particularly challenging and difficult during photo shoots with "The Posing".

So what makes a good picture or what makes a nice photo pose? Is there a pose that enhances every picture and makes everyone look good? The answers can be found at Fotoalbum-Discount.de.

Photo poses for the perfect picture

Here are a few tips for beautiful photo poses!

A good body tension basically provides more expression and allows many good photo poses. A rather elegant or beautiful photo pose works especially well if there is enough body tension. Not to look artificial or stiff requires some practice, but if you have thought about it a few times and practised, it will always be easier.

A slight flexion of arms, legs and also the head is more beneficial. Place your hands on your hips and bend your elbows slightly or slip your hands into your trouser pockets. Turn your head a little to the side and tilt it slightly to the side. Let the hips tilt forward and shift your centre of gravity to one leg.

The double chin is your photo enemy? Then it helps if the photographer takes photos above the eye line or from above. This makes the face a little narrower and also reduces the double chin. Also, press your tongue to the palate and stretch your head slightly forward.

An enchanting smile supports every beautiful photo pose. Even if you do not feel well, beautiful pictures can be taken. Your smile on the outside changes your mood on the inside too. Think of beautiful moments, moments or funny situations. Close your eyes for a moment and open them again after about 5-10 seconds. Your gaze will look fresher and more relaxed, your pupil will be enlarged, making your eyes even brighter. Find your personal favourite smile. You will need a little practice to do this. Just try out which smile you feel most comfortable with.

Perfect photo poses

For more serenity and expression in all photo poses here are some general tips: When opening your eyes, pull your shoulders down and slightly backwards so that the shoulder blades converge. Breathe in gently, straighten your head as if someone is pulling your head up slightly as if on a ribbon and stretch your head slightly forward (reduces the double chin, see above).

But the most important thing is that you are always yourself. No copy of you is as good as you are!

Special photo poses for special occasions!

Special occasions are a special feature when choosing suitable photo poses. Thus wedding photos are a special challenge.

Here are a few tips for good wedding photos during the celebration: no matter what the weather is like, playing with the weather is the best solution! Rain? Grab an umbrella and make it the theme of your photo shoot. The photo poses will capture this special dynamic. Is it snowing? Then plan a snowball fight. The photographer is right in the middle of it and your natural movements will provide especially great motifs. Never let the weather dampen your mood, use it for especially unusual and beautiful photo poses.

Another special feature of this day: Try to forget the camera. You shouldn't make a certain "face" for the photographer. It is much nicer if you can show your emotions naturally and don't look for the perfect photo poses. Show your emotions, have fun and wear your most beautiful smile.

Another tip for special occasions: it's important to keep moving. If you don't, you'll get pictures that all look the same and look boring. So just do what you enjoy doing. Dance, laugh, chat with your guests and let the photographer do the rest. That way you can easily create the pictures for your next photo album.

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