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    Beautiful Living with accessories in the bathroom

    Transform your bathroom with small accessories and high-quality textiles to a paradise. With our Clayre & Eef bathroom articles decorate and furnish your bathroom quickly and easily. So that the Bathroom a feel-good oasis In this category you will find numerous articles around the bathroom available. All articles are made of high quality Materials and everyone is beautiful in their own way. Classical but also dreamy washbasin accessories is just as important as jewellery stands and toilet bags. Let the beauty of the this article inspire and give your bathroom a very personal Note. Here you can also find useful things like towel holders and Toilet accessories. With this decoration you can look a bit more in the bathroom relax. A hot bath with a view of detailed Decorative articles are a perfect end to your day. Browse browse a little through this category and dream You a little bit of holiday.

    Bathroom more than just an economic area

    Each after - but may spend time in the bathroom next to bedroom most of the day. In the morning before you leave the house and at least in the evening before going to bed. The The feel-good factor plays a major role here. Besides many useful Utensils such as toothbrush holders, toilet brushes, toilet paper holder etc. can be equipped with small additional additional accessories to achieve a great feel-good factor. A beautiful picture on the wall would certainly be a start. Our Collections by Clayre & Eef from the Netherlands stand for cosy design - sometimes shabby, sometimes country house style. Container made of Glass and ceramics make it easier to keep order. Let the Toothpaste tube not just lying around - with a nice cup and Vessels they can collect many things. Or cotton swabs - instead of the plain packaging from shopping you can have it in a cotton swab holder.

    Accessories for bath and shower

    A other possibility of decoration with practical accessories are as an example decorative figures or our fashionable jewellery holders. Instead of to wear his jewellery anywhere in the house or flat in the evening distribute - create order with a jewellery stand to keep the To have a suitable overview tomorrow and not long after to have to search for suitable jewellery. Funny decorative figures can be an eye-catcher as well and a cosy flair in the bathroom to create. angel figures, funny animal figures or just mediterranean Objects like shells, fish, boats and much more.

    As useful accessories there are also soap dispensers and many matching vessels in the same look. And then the topic of towels - Towel holder with unusual shapes and designs. A towel rail made of iron and with a beautiful figure or just metal loop rings and matching hooks on the wall - and everything already gives a picture. Instead of a cold stainless steel look you will find here warm colours and materials around the bathroom not only cold and sterile. This is how you can feel just as comfortable as in the living room. With the daily time the If you spend your time here, this is certainly a good idea to spend your time at home Accessories for a place of well-being to design.