• Baby picture frames

  • Baby picture frames for special moments

    Babies and children are the most beautiful things in the world. To ensure that no episode of their growing up is forgotten, it is a good idea to archive the memories in matching baby or children's frames. These baby frames give your personal picture an individual expression, as no plain photo frame can capture the uniqueness of baby photos. Our photo frames for children's photos are wonderfully decorated with small appliqués such as prams, stars, bears or similar. If you want to give your baby a fancy frame in your photo collection, you can find frames in the shape of bears, hearts, flowers or other animals. Our children's picture frames are often available in pink as well as blue. When browsing through our versatile assortment, you will hardly be able to decide, as one frame for baby pictures looks cuter than the other. Endless variations and arrangements are picked up in our range, so it's guaranteed to be worth browsing through our range of baby frames and finding a highlight or two.

    We can also offer you gallery frames for presenting a wide variety of children's photos, which make your child's picture something very special with childlike embellishments.

    Baby picture frames for different formats

    To ensure a wide variety and choice, we offer baby frames from many different manufacturers. Well-known brands such as Walther, Zep and Goldbuch guarantee you many different types of baby frames. The picture frames for your child are, however, consistently of high quality and workmanship, as the life of your child or grandchild has just begun and we want you to enjoy this unique picture frame for a long time. An affordable price rounds off our range of beautiful baby photo frames. Give your child's favourite photo an incomparable frame and preserve your memory in a frame that is not everyday, because a child is anything but everyday.

    Why a baby picture frame?

    The birth of a child is something very special. That is why many new parents decide to capture their baby's happiness in the form of a photo. With a suitable baby picture frame, you can preserve this beautiful memory particularly well. In a beautiful baby frame, however, baby photos can also be given as a gift to the grandparents of the offspring. This way, parents can share this special moment with their closest family or even with good friends.

    The Grandpa photo frame is a particularly suitable photo gift for grandfather. Photo gifts are probably one of the most personal gifts you can give someone.

    A collage also looks particularly good with baby photos. The baby picture frame is designed so that parents can insert a picture for each month. This way you can record every step of your baby's development in the form of a photo.

    The birth of a new life is such a special occasion that it would be a shame to use just any picture frame. With a baby picture frame, you can create just the right background for the photo.

    Unfortunately, however, births do not always turn out positively. Those who lose their child at birth or shortly afterwards go through a difficult time. A baby picture frame can be used to store the precious few pictures you have of your offspring. This way, he will always be remembered.

    Which baby picture frame is best?

    Baby picture frames come in a wide variety of designs. While some baby picture frames are very playful and indicate the child's gender in terms of colour, as they are designed in either pink or blue, there are also baby frames that are completely neutral in colour. These are particularly suitable if you buy the picture frame before you know the gender. Besides, not all parents want to assign a certain colour to the child just because of the gender.

    The neutrally coloured baby picture frames also have their appeal: they are just as playful and lovingly designed as their colourful counterparts. For example, silver-coloured baby picture frames with a giraffe motif are also available, which look classic and classy and still match the baby photo they contain.

    Baby picture frames are basically designed in such a way that they can be used in combination with a black and white photo as well as a colourful photograph of the child. So parents are free to choose which photo of their offspring they would like to present at any time.
    In addition, the design of the home plays an important role for a baby frame, just as it does for all other picture frames. Depending on how the room is furnished in which the photo is to be placed, the frame must be more simple or may be more playful. There are also special baby room picture frames that are especially lovingly designed.

    Baby picture frames are available both as a variant for hanging on the wall and as a pure stand-up frame. This depends entirely on where you would like to place the picture. Picture frames for standing up can be placed on a sideboard, on a side table or on a bedside table, while baby picture frames for hanging up can be mounted on any free wall.

    One also has the choice of the already mentioned collage or a gallery that is hung on the wall. Such a gallery represents a significant advantage: It is not as bulky as a thick photo album and still offers space for several pictures. In combination with a centimetre measure, you can record the child's development up to a certain height in the form of photos. This variant is particularly suitable as a picture frame for the baby's room.