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Taking application photos

Do you need a good application photo?

According to the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), since 2006 a photo is no longer photo is no longer obligatory when applying for a job. This law is intended to discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, religion or skin colour, thus or skin colour and thus ensure more equal treatment. In practice, however, it has become apparent that employers in Germany Applications still give preference to applications with a photo. Especially for applications in in areas where the future employee will have a lot of contact with customers, an application photo is necessary. But also in many other sectors, an application photo is also desired.

Taking good application photos

Psychologists have found that the viewer of a photo makes an initial a first judgement about the person depicted, his or her about the person depicted, his or her abilities and social behaviour. A good reason for a good application photo. The first impression is not irreversible and can be revised in an interview. interview, but the applicant must first be invited to the interview. be invited. Use a good application photo to present yourself as a suitable applicant. and increase your chances of getting a job with a good increase your chances of being invited. We at Fotoalben-Discount explain to you what to look out for in a good application photo.

Taking good job application photos. What is important?

Very important: get the professionals to take a good application photo! take! Funny holiday or vending machine pictures are not acceptable. The no future boss wants to see. It is better to book an appointment photographer to take a good application photo. A set of good, simple application photos for as little as 20 euros. A business shoot with several poses in different outfits can take outfits takes up to one and a half hours and costs between 150 and 300 euros. In the end, you are sure to get a good application photo. in the end.

Take application photos

A good application photo shows you in what is called a half portrait. So mainly your face and parts of your shoulders. The head head facing the camera, but a head turned slightly to the side is slightly turned to the side, but it usually looks more natural and makes a friendlier friendly impression. It is advisable to work with the photographer photographer to find the perfect angle. Since the face is in the Since the face is in the foreground in a half-portrait, a little powder should be used to powder should be used so that it does not shine too much on the application good application photo can be created.

Since every industry has its own dress code, the appropriate dress code should be dress code should be reflected in a good application photo. Banks and insurance companies like it classic and correct. For men this means means a suit in dark colours with a matching shirt, possibly with a tie. tie. Women are well dressed in a dark trouser suit combined with a light blouse. with a light-coloured blouse.

For a good application photo, it is better for women to avoid off-the-shoulder tops and necklines that are too low. For men shirts with short sleeves are taboo. For women and men alike applies equally to women and men: Stained or wrinkled clothes are a no-go for a good application photo. for a good application photo. For a creative job, e.g. in an advertising agency in an advertising agency, the clothes and pose can be more casual. A good photographer knows this, but of course you have to tell him or her for which specific purpose or job the photos are to be used. Then the photographer can adjust the pose ideally for a good application photo. for a good job application photo.

Also pay attention to your hair and hairstyle. Especially for women women in particular, female applicants with their hair combed back or up hair is considered to be much more competent than those with open with an open mane. In any case, it is important that the hairstyle is is neat. A visit to the hairdresser therefore does no harm for a good a good application photo.

Good application photos

In general, subtle colours are best, jewellery should not be too should not be too conspicuous. If you always wear glasses, you will on the photo as well, of course.

Particularly important for a good job application photo is the right facial expression: a natural, sympathetic and professional facial facial expression is perfect. A smile always has a sympathetic effect. However, there are also job offers for which it makes sense to just to do without it. Namely, when a high level of competence and and willingness to perform are to be signalled. Women prefer prefer to forego a "sweet" smile and instead strive for a friendly and instead try for a friendly, concentrated expression. A good photographer will be able to capture the desired charisma in a good in a good application photo. A little tip for a good for a good application photo: squint your eyes a little or blink slightly. blink slightly. This raises the lower eyelids slightly eyelids slightly, which makes the look more interesting.

Which photographer takes good job application photos?

A professional photographer takes a close look at the professional ambitions of the client. He gives competent tips on the suitable clothing and the most advantageous poses (see above). A good photo highlights the individual's strengths and presents the job seeker in a positive the job seeker in a positive, sympathetic and natural way. The best to ask to see application photos that the photographer has has already taken. Do the style and effect match your and your dream job?

When choosing a photographer, it is also important to consider the costs involved. Serious photographers discuss exactly what costs will be incurred for which services before the shoot. for which services. Then there will be no unpleasant there will be no unpleasant surprises afterwards. If you have any further questions about a good application photo, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

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