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A clear address label statement: That's me!

Do you remember your own school time? Sometimes there was a lot of palpitations when it came to going to a new class, for example. Then all things were very welcome, which reminded of home and of their own peculiarities. Many of us were comforted in the new atmosphere by pictures of animals or favorite comic heroes, who linked there on the label with our names and addresses.

And that is exactly what the label sticker with our address. Give the items a very personal touch. If the address labels are decorated in any way, it clearly shows: that's me; that's my hobby, my passion. Here is my name.

In our online shop you will find address labels, school labels and labels that you can customize according to your personal taste and for all your needs. Be it for a simple indication that this object belongs to you. Be it a provocative visual statement with which your teenage daughter populates your exercise books. Or is it simply the image of a cute baby animal or cool comic heroes that makes your little one's journey to school or nursery school easier?

Address labels - they still need you today!

Address labels have not died out, have not been replaced by the use of signatures in emails. For just in this day and age, when it becomes more and more the exception to send letters on paper, an appealing design of the envelope gets a greater weight. A letter with personal address labels of the sender is factual, noble and professional. The recipient gets the impression that the letter writer has made a special effort and feels respected. Address labels are cheap to order in many different sizes and qualities. So there are extremely tear-resistant and adhesive stickers in matt, silky gloss and high gloss. The shape and color also varies. There are labels with round and white ones with pointed corners in white and natural white. Also particularly practical are the so-called repositionable stickers that can be removed again without leaving any traces on the paper.

Address labels - as personal as your business card.

With today's technology, it is possible to print your entire business card on address labels. These are best suited either larger address labels or which for the typewriter. They are folded in Leporello technique, that is, these address labels are not individual peelable, but a two-ply film with individual predetermined departments. In this way, the very individual note of your company or of yourself can be fully transferred to the sticker.

Whether a small for a pure address information or elaborate mailing labels. The address labels that we order can withstand anything. And so that nothing breaks on the way, there are weatherproof labels. To really romp and try, almost all sizes are also available in different pack sizes. If a letter has to spend some time "outdoors", for example at the door of the recipient, or if the address label should hang on a suitcase, the label remains dimensionally stable and the font is legible.

Address labels are best ordered directly to your address.

It is very convenient that the address labels are delivered to you in your desired quantity directly in the house and only a few days after the order by the offer in our online shop. So you can choose the ideal label model in peace. In bright white or natural white, round or square, small or large - just as it suits you best.

Adressetiketten, shapely, stable and inexpensive order now on!

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